Privacy Policy



I. Personal data that MR will collect.


MR collects any information related to your personal data when: (i) the data owner provides it directly through any section of our web site; (ii) the data owner files out forms or surveys from MR; (iii) the data owner registers as client of our firm; (iv) the data owner applies for a position or employment offer; (v) the data owner shares or distributes with any member of MR its résumé; (vi) the data owner requests to be invoiced for any of our services; and (vii) the data owner provides it to fulfil any purpose related toMR’s ordinary course of business, the Law or any other laws or regulations.


The data that MR collects through the means described above are:

Full name, date of birth, nationality, sex, citizenship ID Number (CURP by its acronym in Spanish), taxpayers registry number (RFC by its acronym in Spanish), social security number, mobile or landline phone number(s), fax, email, marital status, official identification data (as applicable), data for invoicing pursuant to applicable law on such date.


MR’s employees may also need to provide information about third parties related by kinship, such as their full names, domicile, phone number, email and kind of kinship of your descendants, dependents and any other person who may be insured under the insurance agreements offered by MR to its employees as an employee benefit, in which you accept that you have the authorization of such individuals to provide that information. Likewise, MR may collect sensitive data from its employees and/or the persons they wish to include in their insurance policy as beneficiaries, as required by the corresponding insurance company, among other data, MR may request for, medical history, congenital diseases, blood type, current ailments (if any), and/or such data as may be necessary and duly justified for such insurance company to comply with the issuance of the insurance policy in favor of the corresponding employee.


Once the data has been sent to the corresponding insurance company, MR will not store any sensitive data in any device or document.


II. Purpose and/or treatment of the Data collected.

Your personal data may be treated for all purposes related to the provision of our services and, if appropriate, for the submission of information required pursuant to Mexican laws, or by authorities and/or governmental entities in terms of such laws.


In addition, your personal data collected by MR may be used for communication purposes with its owner, to collect the payment for our services, to evaluate the quality of our service, to comply with obligations with our clients, for marketing, advertising and commercial purposes, to send you information about new services, quotes, terms of service, periodic publications (newsletters), as well to allow your participation in events and interaction through social networks.


Personal data provided by MR’s employees will be used for all purposes related to their training, development, payment of labor benefits and compliance of tax and labor obligations.

The personal data you provide as candidate, directly or obtained through a third party, will be used to contact you if your profile is suitable for MR and, if applicable, we will enable your participation in a personal interview process or through electronic devices, for selection and recruitment. MR may keep any data contained in the resumes of the holder, as well as those contained and disclosed in any of the communications that MR had or has with the data owner to consider such profile in any future opportunity that may arise to fill vacancies or job offers.


We use the personal data of our suppliers or service providers for all purposes related to the contractual relationship that we have entered to, with them and, in what is not foreseen in the contracts executed with such persons, the personal data collected by MR derived from such relationship, will be treated in accordance with this notice.


Likewise, we inform you that your personal data may be transferred and processed inside and outside the country, by persons other than members or employees of MR. Your information may be shared with other companies or persons who provide professional services, to complement the legal services that have been contracted, among others, to contact experts, notaries or any private or public official related to the matters in which you are represented or involved. If you do not express your opposition to transfer your personal data, it will be understood that you have granted your consent to do so.


III. Use of Cookies


We remind you that, when you visit our website or profiles on social networks, we use cookies (computer tool that allows the internet server to remember some of the user data) and web beacons (images inserted on the web to monitor the behavior of a visitor on a web page). Through these sources we obtain the following information about you: type of web browser and operating system, web pages you visit, links you follow, IP address, site you visited before entering our site. Cookies and web beacons, as well as other technologies, may be disabled by the user through the corresponding option determined by your web browser.


IV. Refusal to the treatment of Personal Data


MR informs you that you can state your refusal for processing your personal data as set forth in this Privacy Notice and/or any processing of data related to any relationship between you and MR by hiring our services submitting your request in writing, mail or specialized courier directly to our front desk of our office or through an email to the following address:


V. Means and Procedure to exercise ARCO rights


ARCO means the rights to: Access, Rectify, Cancel and Oppose; these are the rights that, pursuant to the Law, the owner of the personal data may exercise against whoever process or collects them.


(i) The right to Access grants the owner the right to require MR to inform him/her about the personal data it has collected from the owner and to justify its processing.


(ii) The right to Rectify grants the owner the right to require MR to correct certain data that has been incorrectly collected.


(iii) The right to Cancel grants the owner the right to demand to MR the deletion of certain personal data in its possession.


(iv) The right to Oppose grants the owner the right to demand to MR not to use his/her personal data under a specific assumption or fact.


To exercise any of these rights, as explained above, you must submit your request in writing, mail or specialized courier directly to our front desk of our office or through an email to the following address: MR will respond and/or comply with your request within the terms established by the Law.


VI. Options and means to limit the use or disclosure of Personal Data


If you wish to limit the use of your personal data (for example, to stop receiving messages, newsletters or publications by e-mail), you must submit your request in writing, mail or specialized courier directly to our front desk of our office or through an email to the following address:


VII. Changes to the Privacy Notice


We reserve the right to modify or update this privacy notice at any time. these modifications will be available to the public through the following means: (i) visible announcement in our office and (ii) in our web page: or through any link or hyperlink to be redirected to such web page.


VIII. Procedure for responding to requests from the Data Owner


In the event that you make a written request or send us an email regarding the exercise of rights and/or any other matter related to this privacy notice and/or the processing of your personal data, such request or email must be accompanied by the following information:


(a) Full name.
(b) How to contact you: e-mail, address and/or telephone number.
(c) Explain your request in as much detail as possible, expressly including the data or processing of data you desire to access; rectify, cancel or oppose to.


Once we receive your request, our area in charge will verify that it contains the above-mentioned data and, in case that any data is missing or requires any clarification, we will contact you through the means provided in your request within a period not exceeding twenty days based on Article 32 of the Law.


Our Privacy Department will contact you through the means indicated by you, to inform you whether or not your request has been granted or denied, within a period of no more than five business days after we have all the information required in this section.


IX. Confidentiality


MR will use the necessary Technological Security and Protection Measures to preserve the confidentiality of all Personal Data it collects, such as restricted access to data only to authorized and qualified personnel, firewalls, and secure connections. Such information may not be disclosed to third parties, unless authorized by the Data Owner.


X. Special Unit for the protection of Personal Data


For any question or clarification, as well as to exercise your ARCO rights, please contact the Special Unit for the Protection of Personal Data, at or at the MR address indicated in the preamble of this Privacy Notice. Also, if you have any concerns or complaints, you can consult INAI at


XI. Date of this Privacy Notice was updated

December 6th, 2023.