National Waters

We have a consolidated team of experts in National Waters.
We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and highly specialized legal service.

We have a consolidated team of experts in National Water issues. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and highly specialized legal services.

I. Consultancy

  • We offer consultancy services on concessions for the exploitation and use of water volumes from surface and underground sources. We handle procedures such as drilling permits, volume relocation, changes of use, and rights transmissions.
  • We manage the issuance of non-impact certificates, construction permits in watercourses, and the processing and administration of federal zones.
  • Administrative management to avoid the expiration of volumes.
  • Administrative management for inclusion in the Public Registry of Water Rights (REPDA).
  • Management of irrigation modules and districts.
  • Feasibility analysis for obtaining additional concessions, including the identification of necessary volumes and the location of such volumes in situations where acquisition may require rights transfer. This process is particularly carried out in areas subject to restrictions, such as those with limited availability of water resources.

II. Legal Defense

  • In the field of National Water issues, we handle administrative procedures of the National Water Commission (CONAGUA).
  • We provide representation in administrative litigation and challenge actions by the authority, including suspensions, revocations, or fines under the National Water Law.
  • Defense against the determination of tax credits and obligations due to non-compliance with the payment of use fees.
  • In case of denial of concession issuance or excessive response times by the authority, we undertake administrative litigation and amparo lawsuits.